Design and Development of Embedded Wireless Commmunication Systems with FPGAs



This training provides a detailed understanding of the development of embedded systems on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for wireless communication systems. The course first introduces an overview of FPGAs as hardware development platforms. Particular attention is given to enabler features for communications systems field such as high speed transceivers, digital signal processing units and embedded microcontrollers.

Next VHDL programming as well as the most common software designing tools are introduced.

Furthermore an overview about fast physical layer prototyping with off-the-shelf IP modules is presented.

Finally the main challenges and limitations of FPGA based embedded systems for wireless communications are discussed.

Who Should Attend

The course is meant for engineers from electronics, computer and telecommunications engineering, research & development and IT.


Day 1, 10:15 am – 4:30 pm

Embedded systems on FPGA platforms

  • Embedded and general-purpose
  • Execution models
  • Design life cycle
  • Measures of success

FPGA and hardware description languages

  • CMOS technology,
  • Programmable logic devices
  • Storage elements
  • Logic cells, logic blocks
  • I/O blocks, special purpose blocks
  • VHDL

System design principles

  • Top-down, bottom-up
  • Abstraction and state
  • Cohesion and coupling
  • Design for reuse

Approx. 05.30 pm Social Event

  • Guided tour through the city center of Munich (otional)


Day 2, 08:30 am – 04:30 pm

Physical layer design and implementation for high speed communication systems

  • Modulation format, line coding
  • CDR
  • Bit and frame synchronization
  • Forward error correction

High-end FPGAs for high speed communications

  • Multi-gigabit serial transceivers
  • Off-the-shelf IP cores
  • Tools for fast prototyping
  • 14nm and 28 nm processes

Case study: Laser Ethernet Transceiver (LET)

  • Multi-gigabit optical communication
  • Free space channel modelling, fading
  • Forward error correction
  • Optical receiver front end

Visit of the LET lab and final discussion


J. Ramirez

Dr. Julio Ramirez, DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen

Institute of Communications and Navigation


Language: English

Each attendant will be provided with detailed course material in English.

The training will be organized and conducted by our training partner Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft e. V. (CCG).

Location: CCG-Zentrum, Technologiepark Argelsrieder Feld 11, 82234 Weßling-Oberpfaffenhofen

After your registration you will get a confirmation and additional information from CCG. With your registration you agree that your registration data will be sent to CCG.


EUR 1.090,–

CCG is a non-profit organisation, exempt from value-added tax in Germany. For foreign training locations the local tax regulations are applicable.

Members of CCG receive a discount of 10 %. Where several employees from one company / office apply for the same course, each participant will receive a discount of 10 %. For students special rates are available on request. Discounts cannot be combined.

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